Il Catalogo de' bronzi e degli altri metalli antichi

Dal collezionismo mediceo al museo pubblico lorense


The name of Abbé L.Tanzi (Treia, 1732 – Firenze, 1810) is known by historians above all for his monumental book “Storia pittorica dell’Italia”, but during his long life – spent from 1775 in service at Medici family as “antique assistant” – he played a leading role in creating and arranging the Collection of Ancient Bronzes. With Cosimo I there was a great interest in “old curiosity” and the Medici family claimed political and cultural supremacy in Toscana. Thanks to  clerks and restorers, a big quantity of excellent little bronzes and objects of everyday use of Roman and Etruscan age became part of Medici collection. These objects were found in Granducato territories or, during the  XVII century, bought at antique markets. With the help of intellectuals –from A.F. Gori to G. Pelli Bencivenni – Lanzi gave to this envied collection a modern order and inventory when the Gallery was transformed into a public museum which gave birth to the present Uffizi Museum and other specialized ones. In addition to the reconstruction of the events linked to the formation of this group of objects of art, in this volume we publish for the first time the Lanzi inventory (Firenze, Biblioteca degli uffizi, ms. 105) and, in an anastatic edition, the striking plates created by the illustrator F. Marchissi.


Edited by Cristiana Zaccagnino
Price Euro 160,00

Naples, 2010



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